Ash Forest

I couldn't have made it here without all of your support. 

About Me

I love nature and often find myself drawn to is complexity.  I enjoy working on cars and of course reading. Top 3 favorite animals: Bison, Racoon, Orca.

How I Work

I am a freelance writer and write stories either set up for webtoons/manga or full novels. 

My Ethos

I will always give every story a chance. I believe that most people put a part of them into their art and that alone deserves respect. 

Get in Touch

I am always looking for illustrators and just people to connect with and share ideas. 

Snippets of my work

To say I never loved you would be for the sun to never shine as nothing in this world could burn brighter than my devotion to you. You are the water that I crave and need to survive without you I would not only parish but die in agony. 

The Worlds Beyond Grey - A.F.